Live Edge Side Table

Winning Bid: $65.00

Made from a pine disk.  Created by Amanda Ragland.

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Made from a pine disk.  Created by Amanda Ragland.   I aspire to be as talented a wood worker as all of these wonderful people who are donating to our auction:  Greg Guyette, Wayne Higginbotham, John Mullaney, Jennifer’s father-in-law and the creator of the hand carved Latvian Koala bear using the “Intarsia” technique which was donated by the Krasts.      But, I am not there yet.  This is a simple side table made from a pine disk that grew on a farm that has been in my family for many years.  It has 59 rings, so that means that it was a sapling about the same time that I was a sapling.   I like to say, “a tree gave its life”, because you can see the things that the tree may have been through.  It is old, and the rosin has discolored it.   It is ‘rough around the edges’.   Any creative process is a spiritual process, and as I have celebrated this tree, I have allowed God to speak to me about the beauty of aging.   God is good.   This life, even with all we have been through, is good.   This tree has rosin pouring out of it because it is so old.  I see this as a metaphor for human beings:   the older you get, the more love is supposed to pour out of you.  Let is be so, God, because you give the best gifts.   With You, love flows and flows.  Enjoy!  (I am a sentimental fool).

This table is approximately 19″ in diameter on the top and 21″ tall.   It is sealed in a way that it can be used outdoors, but it would probably be best if it were not right in the rain.   (Shipping not included in the price).

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