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Sleep never sounded so good!   The ultimate-intimate sound machine with 21-tracks of ultra-relaxing natural content, non-emotional-hypnotic-binaural music, and noise files.


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A non-allergenic pillow with a set of stereo speakers buried deep inside the pillow. The speakers sound great and are virtually undetectable when laying on the Sound Pillow. The accompanying MP4 player is pre-loaded with 21 Tracks of relaxing sounds. All nature sounds are organic– not computer generated. All pieces and parts included to recharge player. Sure to provide a night of peaceful rest!  Thank you to Scott Armbruster for the donation, and thank you to our friend, Sandra Dabrowski for asking him!   Check out this website, and consider buying one for every person you know who suffers with sleep difficulty!   (shipping not included with price).


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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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