Almost Home

Music and particular songs can be significant in our lives. People often talk about music as the soundtrack of their lives offering comfort and calm. Recently I have been enjoying the song “Almost Home” by Mercy Me. They have had many hit songs but are probably best known for their mega-hit “I Can Only Imagine”. “Almost Home” reminds me that while we live in this world and in times of distress with Covid-19, civil unrest, political tension, our base and grounding is in something else altogether. As Paul said we are “in this world but not of it”. Mercy Me reminds me that I have a spiritual home that is very different that the one I currently see on the news. A home that offers a peace and grounding that is difficult to see with masks and social distancing. But even in the midst of it all, we are not that far from the home God offers—peace in the midst of turmoil.

Dr. Jack Ragland, D.Min., LMFT