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The Vine - Why a Fundraiser?

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We are honored that you have joined us.   We hope you find something you love.   If not, please consider making a donation.  Even the smallest contribution will help.   We regret not being able to see all of our friends at an in person gathering, and we can’t wait for that to be a possibility.  For now, the Lord bless and keep you.  Join us in being The Vine.

A few details:

Navigating:    The button below will take you to our Virtual Auction, or our Virtual “SHOP”.   You can also navigate to the auction through the “SHOP” button on the top navigation bar.  The pink horizontal bar will help you navigate within The Vine’s website.   The brown side bar will help you navigate within the auction.

Create Account Before Bidding:  You will be asked to create an account when you try to make your first bid.  Please enter your phone number (with country) and your email address, and you will receive text and email notifications about your involvement.

Bidding:  “Custom Bid”:  If you like, you can enter a “Custom Bid”.  This is the highest bid you would like to place.   If you get outbid, the website will enter a bid for you incrementally up to the “Custom Bid” that you enter.  “Direct Bid”:  You can also place a “Direct Bid” which is the next incremental bid that can be accepted.   “Bid doesn’t seem to take”: If you place a bid that does not seem to stick, it may be because you were automatically outbid by another bidder.   “Bids”:  Scroll to the bottom of any item and take a look at the “Bids”.

Win and Lose Notification:   You will receive notification that you won, and you will receive a notification if you lost.

Payment:   If you stay on the auction item that you were bidding, there may be a “Pay Now” button that appears.   This appears to only happen for one item if you are bidding on several.    After the website has time to process, which could be several hours, you will receive an email that will have a link to pay.   If you are trying a link it should take you back into The Vine’s site.   If not, please wait and try the link later.  Or…

Contact Us:   This is the first time we have ever done this.  (How many times have we said that in the last 4 months?)  Please call our office with any questions.  256-270-7399.   Or, reply to any email from the website.  We will be monitoring emails.   We will happily address any concerns.